About the PWVTA


The Park West Village Tenants’ Association (PWVTA) is a voluntary, non-profit, membership organization whose purposes are to protect the rights and welfare of tenants in Park West Village (PWV); keep PWV tenants informed of their rights; represent PWVTA members in negotiations with Park West Management; represent the concerns of PWVTA members to outside organizations and to elected officials and government agencies; and support and participate in campaigns by various organizations, including Tenants and Neighbors, the Metropolitan Council on Housing, and the Mitchell-Lama Residents’ Coalition, to expand tenant rights, strengthen rent regulations, preserve affordable housing programs, and protect the ability of low-income and moderate-income tenants to remain in their homes.
PWVTA functions according to bylaws, under which the PWVTA Executive Board takes actions to achieve PWVTA goals. The general membership. as it expresses itself in general membership meetings, is the final authority on policies and procedures. The Executive Board consists of Officers elected by the General Membership and Building Representatives elected by the members in each building, together with Committee Chairs chosen by the President with the approval of the Executive Board. All adult residents of any rental apartment in PWV may become members of the PWVTA upon payment by nay one of them of the annual membership dues. Condominium owners may join the PWVTA as associate members. They may vote on community issues, such as new construction in and around Park West Village, at the general membership meetings; participate in committees set up to deal with community issues; and have a Building Representative to speak and vote for them on community issues at meetings of the PWVTA Executive Board. PWVTA welcomes your membership and participation in the Association.
PWVTA COMMITTEES To join a committee, ask a question, or make a suggestion, please contact the committee chair directly at the email address listed below.
Outreach and Action Committee action@pwvta.org
The PWVTA Outreach and Action Committee is our liaison with various housing and community groups and meetings. The committee chairperson reports to the PWVTA Board about what is happening within our neighborhood, city, and state, as well as events that we can attend to help preserve affordable housing within NYC. Among the groups are Tenants & Neighbors, Citizen Action, Community Free Democrats, Goddard Riverside Senior Center, Joint Public Affairs Committee for Older Adults, and Met Council on Housing.

Communications Committee communications@pwvta.org or commo@pwvta.org
The Communications Committee is responsible for publishing The Park West Tenant, the newsletter of the PWVTA. Articles for the newsletter (as well as the layout and design) are contributed by Park West Village residents.
Web Subcommittee webmatters@pwvta.org
It was formed as a part of the Communications Committee to help build and maintain the PWVTA.org website to provide online communication and improve the flow of information among all residents in Park West Village Legal Committee legal@pwvta.org
The Legal Committee meets monthly to consider, analyze and recommend to the Executive Board legal actions that might be taken by the Association or by individuals with the support of the Association. Although there may be attorneys on the Committee, the Committee cannot represent the Association or any individual, and if legal action is recommended, a practicing attorney is retained, and the Committee acts as liaison and reviews the legal bills.
Currently, the Committee assists tenants who wish to file rent overcharge petitions with the DHCR and monitors the progress of all such cases. The Committee is also discussing the legal actions and strategies that might be available to deal with the disruption caused by the excavation/construction activities in our midst

Quality of Life Committee quality@pwvta.org
The Quality of Life Committee has developed a survey to be distributed to all tenants in the seven buildings. The survey requests responses by tenants to problems within their apartments, the common spaces, and outdoor areas. The Quality of Life Committee plans to distribute the survey during the first week in May. The results of the survey will set the important subjects for the weekly meetings with the PWV Acquisition LLC management. Be on the lookout for your survey which will be distributed by floor captains or building representatives in your building. Directions for the return of your completed survey will be included. Your immediate response is important to the Committee and all PWV residents. Please return the survey promptly!
Social Activities Committee Social@pwvta.org
The Social Activities Committee shall be responsible for planning and implementing social and cultural activities of interest to tenants [PWVTA Bylaws].