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Tenants Belong Here

Welcome to the Park West Village Tenants' Association's website where you'll find everything you need to be a happy and healthy tenant. We're glad you're here! Our website is filled with helpful information and a variety of ways to get engaged with the association. In addition to contact information, an archive of publications, and the other resources, there is also a forum to ask questions in and get connected with the community we've created.


The Park West Executive Board is open to all PWVTA members. Please reach out to us at for more information and the link to connect to the meeting. We continue to meet virtually for the immediate future. We will post updates to future meetings here on the PWVTA website.

All PWVTA members are welcome to attend PWVTA Meetings that are held on the third Tuesday of the month
from 7:30pm to 9:00pm.

March 21, 2023
April 18, 2023
May 16, 2023
June 20, 2023
September 19, 2023
October 17, 2023
November 21, 2023
December 21, 2023.

The New York City Heat Season Runs From October 1 to May 31.

PWVTA Heat Season.png

Between October 1 and May 31 ("Heat Season")

Between the hours of 6:00 AM and 10:00 PM, if the outside temperature falls below 55 degrees, the inside temperature is required to be at least 68 degrees Fahrenheit. This means that the radiator must be programmed to be functional before 6:00 AM to achieve the inside temperature of 68 degrees. This becomes critical when the outside temperatures are in the single degrees of winter. In the past the “clanging” of the radiators would begin after 6:00 am.


If you are without heat, notify your building lobby attendant first. If there is no response within a reasonable time, an hour, call 311 or download the web app to report the problem.  NYC regulations also requires hot water must be available at a constant minimum temperature of 120 degrees year-round.


Between the hours of 10:00pm and 6:00am, the inside temperature is required to be at least 62 degrees Fahrenheit regardless of the outside temperature.


Do You Have Questions About Our New Website?

We are here to answer any questions you may have about the new PWVTA website. Simply click the button below to email us and a member of the website team will reply as soon as possible!

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